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Hey Gorgeous Lavender Rose Bath Truffles review

November 13, 2013
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I purchased these Hey Gorgeous Lavender Rose Bath Truffles a while back and am finally posting this review. They took a while to get to me because the couriers managed to mess up the delivery by losing my parcel. The ladies at Hey Gorgeous were apologetic and made a new batch of it and the other products I ordered and sent it to me ASAP. Things like this happen sometimes, but it’s great to see good customer service on Hey Gorgeous’s part as they tried to fix it to the best of their abilities.

If you didn’t know, Hey Gorgeous products are vegan and freshly made to order. This means that the items have a shorter shelf life than most conventional products, but they’re good for the environment and your body.

These goodies contain shea butter, coconut butter, essential oils, rose petals and lavender. It is really creamy and smells intensely of lavender, which almost completely overpowers the rose scent. Well that’s at least I think. It melts really easily and left my skin super moisturised and soft. Thanks to my highly sensitive sinuses I find the scent of the lavender rose bath truffles, a bit overwhelming.

hey gorgeous lavender rose truffles

The image on their website displays round truffles, but I received quite big hearts. I’m not sure whether I received the hearts because they’re that shape now or to make up for the delivery mishap.

A whole heart is too much for one bath, as it left me feeling really oil. My skin was super moisturised, but I had to use the shower head to rinse a lot of the oil off. I tried using a half, but find that it still is a bit much, I still have to try using only a quarter. The bath truffles make the tub slippery, which makes it fun to slide up and down in the tub, but not so fun when getting out. I’m accident prone but there’s been no accident’s, which is fortunate. Maybe I’m just being daft by using the whole truffle and that it’s common knowledge that you’re only supposed to use a bit. If I am being daft, let me know in the comments.

Back when I bought Lavender Rose Bath Truffles it, they were known as bath melts. They still go R90 for three truffles and you can purchase them from the Hey Gorgeous website.

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