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November 4, 2015
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A few weeks ago I started the Sleek Geek Ultimate You challenge with a buddy and have been failing hopelessly by eating everything within a 100m radius of me. I’m not kidding. On Sunday I remembered that I was still doing the challenge and decided to still go ahead and submit my measurements and weight.

I lost 0.3kgs in four weeks. Oh well at least I didn’t gain anything.

On Sunday I also remembered that I set a goal to run the 2016 Knysna Forest Half Marathon and had not taken any steps to reaching that goal. I was going to do what I normally do with goals that I don’t achieve, pretend that I never set them and go on with my life. Then I remembered that I blogged about it.


Considering that I have roughly eight months to train for it still, I have no excuse not to complete it. Having a fast pace is not a priority for me. As long as I cross the finish line before cutout I will be happy. On Monday I started the Runners World Beginners 5km training plan. I’ve completed it before so I know it’s doable. Once I’ve completed the training plan and am comfortable with 5kms again, I will progress to 10kms and so forth.

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