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March 2016 Empties

March 30, 2016

Hi Everyone

The last time I went through all of the beauty and skincare items I have, I clearly didn’t do a thorough job. One of the many items I kept was the REN Skincare Keep Young and Beautiful Anti-Ageing Eye cream. It was one of the many items that hadn’t been used in a while, so I wanted to make use of it. With regards to makeup and beauty items I have a new outlook, if I don’t use it, it has to go. Unfortunately, when I pumped some cream it smelled offish and that’s when I realised that it had gone off. I then immediately went through all of my items and took out everything that I bought or received at the same time as the eye cream and went through them. Things that were still fine and could be sanitised I kept, everything else went in the bin with my empty products.

REN Skincare Keep Young and Beautiful Anti-Ageing Eye Cream and REN Bio Retinoid Anti-Age Concentrate
I received these from Beauty Bulletin such a long time ago and can barely remember my thoughts on them. I thought about buying a new bottle of the concentrate to try, until I saw the price. These babies are pricy.

Isabella Garcia Spot Intense Mask Sample
This is a clay based mask, and I love clay masks. Letting it set then cracking met face once it’s dry is always such fun. Will I purchase a full size. No, buying this mask is not worth having to deal with their telesales staff and their sales tactics.

Freeman Beauty Honeydew and Chamomile Sleeping Mask
This mask smells divine and absorbs quickly into your skin, so one doesn’t need to worry about it staining your pillows. One ratchet last 2 to 4 applications (I managed 4 applications and I’m sure I could have stretched it to 5). It is moisturising and is good for its price range. I would repurchase, but I’d like to try the others in the range.

Clicks Baby Wipes
I prefer using baby wipes to remove my make up. They’re always unscented and do not contain alcohol. I reckon if they’re safe for babies, they’re safe for my face. The Clicks brand is rather good. Would definitely repurchase.

Clicks Round Cotton Pads (not pictured)
I’m not too impressed with these. They’re soft but not very strong. It often feels like it when tear apart when I use toner or eye makeup remover. They’re really affordable, but I’d only really buy them again if I forget to buy The Body Shop’s cotton pads (they are the best) or if I can’t find another brand.

Avon Little Pink Dress EDP
Little Pink dress is one of my favourite perfumes. It is a very light and airy scent with citrus and peony notes. This is my second bottle, which I received as a gift and I will definitely repurchase it.

Yardley You’re The Fire Summer Nights perfume body spray
I received this along with the EDP as a gift last year. The EDP I finished ages ago but only recently finished this bottle. I really enjoyed the scent which is soft and feminine. It consisted of a medley of different notes, which included rose, peony, orange and vanilla. It is something that I would consider buying for myself.

Make up and miscellaneous
Avon Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in Mauve Movement and Apple Cinnamon
I received these around the same time as the REN products from Beauty Bulletin. I really enjoyed the colours, particularly Mauve Movement. These are old so they have to go. I’m not sure if I would purchase any of the glaze wear lip gloss. When I first began wearing makeup I preferred lip gloss, and now I prefer lipsticks as I feel they last longer and are less likely to get on everything. Maybe if I begin liking glosses again.

Avon Colourtrend Kajal stick in Black and Violet
Also a very old product. Avon’s Colourtrend products are often hits or misses, and this is the latter. It’s not very pigmented and is very difficult to apply as the pencils feel hard. Hence why I never used it.

Avon Eyeshadow Primer
I’ve had this for a while and it has unfortunately dried out. It definitely helped with making my shadow pop, but I’m not too sure if it helped with making it last longer. Would repurchase, but I first want to try something new.

Oh So Heavenly Happy Hands Diamond in the Rough Ultra Luxurious Nail and Cuticle Cream
This was given to me as part of a gift and I’ve had it for so long that the cream is beginning to look yellow. Definitely time to say goodbye. Not sure if I would purchase it as currently I prefer cuticle oil.

Design Vitamin E Lipstick in Rose
This is one of those cheap lipsticks Edgars always has with their beauty sales. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. I already I have a similar colour. I’d purchase from this brand again for dress up parties, etc as it is cheap and works fine.

Body Products
Mitchum Advanced Control Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Roll-On in Pure Fresh
I’m a sweaty lass, eww I know, and this stuff is the one of the only anti-perspirants that work for me. I vary between the scents, which is not very strong (this is great as it won’t clash with perfume). I always have at least one backup, more if it’s on sale.

Dr Hauschka Med Ice Plant Body Care Lotion
Another one of the items that I received wonders ago from BB. Barely used as it’s for people with very dry skin, eczema, etc. I intended on giving this to my goddaughter who has eczema, but upon discovering that the REN products were off I decided it would be best to toss this as well.

Bradley Cocoa Heaven Tissue Oil
The only reason I bought this was because it was cheap. It smells okay, however the oil does not rub completely into my skin. It leaves a film-like feeling on the top of my skin. Wouldn’t repurchase.

Grace Cole Warm Vanilla and Fig Moisturising Body Lotion and Soothing Body Wash
I received these, along with bubble bath (which I finished a long time ago), as gifts. These were nifty sizes, so I used these when I travelled. They have a light scent. Not sure which stores sell it. I would consider purchasing these products if I came across it,

Oh So Heavenly Beauty Collection Softening Lavender Talc
I received these as a part of a gift that I received. The powder itself is okay, but I don’t think I would purchase it for myself as I don’t like wearing scented powder.
Foot products
Avon Foot Works Relaxing Soak and Exfoliating Scrub in Toasted Macadamia
These are rather decent and work fine. I bought it along with the foot cream and I still have a ton of it. I was not particularly found of the scent though, as I prefer fruit or floral scents. I’ve already repurchased other products from Avon’s Foot Works range.

Hair products
Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Repairing Conditioner
I enjoyed using this conditioner (along with its shampoo, which I am still using). It’s moisturising but doesn’t make my hair heavy. I cut the tube to get every last drop out. Would definitely repurchase.

Paul Mitchell Express Style Round Up
Another item I received from BB. I’m not particularly ford of it, as the product made my curls sticky. Wouldn’t purchase for myself.

Black Chic Hair Food with Avocado Oil
The only reason I purchase this was because it was dirt cheap (there’s a pattern with the nearly full products that I’m tossing). I didn’t like it much as it is petroleum based. I don’t think I would repurchase it.

Reflection Macadamia Oil Repairing Mask
This mask make my hair very strong and healthy, BUT and it’s a big but, it weighed my hair down so much. It was just too much for my thin, fine hair to handle and the product would cause my hair to get oily within two days, which is sad because it is a rather good mask for dry hair. It would probably work better if you have normal to thick or coarse hair. I unfortunately won’t be repurchasing it.

Glycol-Lemon Leave on Conditioner for all hair types
This conditioner is so old, I can’t recall the last time I used it. If I liked it, I would have used it more and remembered if it worked well. Would not repurchase.

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