Why I went to the #ECMeetUp

August 25, 2016

When Eleanor from Just Ella Bella and Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain announced that they would be holding a blogger’s meetup earlier this year, I was immediately filled with excitement. Jozi and Cape Town, have been having meet ups for a while, but there were none in little ole’ PE. However as soon as the excitement settle, I got nervous. Nervous to the point that despite booking and paying for my ticket, I seriously considered not attending. I even had my excuse planned. I had exams the following week (which was true) and needed the time to focus on them (which was also true). Subconsciously, something told me I should go. It was only the morning of the #ECmeetup that I actually decided to go and I’m glad I did.


The first #ECMeetup

After following her blog for years, I final got to meet Eleanor in person as well as many other bloggers. The best part of the meetup was meeting a group of wonderful women. Since the meetup some of us joined a whatsapp group, where you share ideas, discuss opinions, motivate one another and provide construction criticism. It’s a truly amazing and if I had let my nervous get the best of me, despite having read most of these ladies blogs before, I would have never have met them and discovered how truly amazing they are.

Blog readers are often made to believe that the goodie bags are the best part of meetups. The goodie bags we received were amazing, but there were so many great things about the event that I can’t pick one.


Going to the meetup has opened opportunities for me, and as allowed me to collaborate with a few organisations. Megan Kelly and Dorette de Swart were guest speakers, and they shared such great advice.


The venue The Boma was spectacular. They served a variety of canapes  and breakfast. We had a breakfast bake made from minced beef, egg plant, white sauce and scrambled egg. It was served in cute miniature potjie pots. The dish was so delicious that I’ve actually tried creating a similar dish. I buy Masterton’s coffee regularly (they’re good quality and affordable) so I was happy to see their coffee bar and the packs that they gave for us in the goodie bags.


A combination of shyness and nervousness led to me taking photos mostly of the food and decor. I set a goal that at the next meet up I’ll take more pics of people.

#ECMeetup The Mini Meet

Luchae and Eleanor will be hosting a mini meet on 17 September 2016 at the Athenaeum. I can’t wait. If you’re an Eastern Cape blogger, do yourself a favour and attend it. For enquires and bookings email Luchae on

#EC The Mini Meet

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  • Reply yolisa August 25, 2016 at 10:10 PM

    Sounds like a wonderful time!! I am so glad you were able to overcome your fears and enjoy meeting your peers. Looking forward to reading about all the other meetups you attend. I may even join one because you make it sound like so much fun.

  • Reply Changing paces and off to the races | Totally Confident and Completely Insecure June 19, 2018 at 8:31 AM

    […] I was not that lucky winner. Sometimes I can’t believe that even after purchasing my ticket, I almost didn’t attend the first #ECMeetup. But I’m glad I went to it, and every meetup thereafter. So you can be sure to find me at the […]

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