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Move more, more or less

I haven’t done a fitness update in while, mostly because there is not much to update. I’ve been going to gym on and off. This is dependent on my school and work schedule. There was a point where I went every morning to gym for a week. Then I fell ill and struggled to get back into my routine after 3 weeks. And basically, since then I’ve been going to the gym whenever the wind blows in the right direction.

I also tried out the new Pound class at Virgin Active, and oh my word, it is so much fun. I went on Women’s day and unfortunately the only times that the class takes place is when I’m working, which makes me so sad. I’d really love to attend it regularly.

Run? Where?

And then there’s the running. Or shall I say lack there of? Since I’ve tried completing the 2017 Two Oceans Half Marathon, I probably went on one jog. How on earth am I ever going to complete a half marathon if I keep this up? I realised that the reason I’m not making any progress is that firstly I lack willpower, but mostly because I don’t have a routine. My gym routine consists of doing a few spin classes, a functional fitness class or two, or some cardio and strength training. I realised I wasn’t working towards anything. How am I supposed to reach my goals without having a plan? It’s like going on a road trip to Cape Town without following a map. Chances are you’ll end up spending 4 hours on a gravel road before you reach your destination, that’s if you reach it at all.

Ideally, I would love to go back to my personal trainer, I saw so much progress when I was with him. Unfortunately, my bank balance doesn’t allow for them at the moment. Apparently, I’m brilliant at making poor financial decisions.

The way forward

I’ve decided that the best plan for me would be to start from the bottom again. That means starting with a 5km plan. The Runners World 5 Weeks To Your First (Or Best) 5-K, plan is one that I’ve completed before.  I  feel that this plan would be a good place to start again. Once I’ve completed it, I’ll move up to a 10 km plan and from there to a 21km plan.  There are 6 months till the 2018 Two Oceans Half Marathon, and I feel that is sufficient. I reckon if I dedicate 5 weeks to 5kms, 3 months to 10km and the rest to 21km training I can make it.It would have been better if I had started immediately after the last Two Oceans, but time cannot move backwards. I can only prepare and plan from here and now.

I’ve been posting a lot of my workouts and meals (even if they’re not so good) on my Instagram stories, so be sure to give me a follow to keep up to date. I’m at @osoinspired.

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  • Elsie

    Looks like you have a way foward ! All the best and hoping real soon you will be extra fit. I probably need to get my life together too interms of fitness

  • Michelle Leslie

    Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that Odette. I still admire you so much for actually attempting the Two Oceans. That’s not an easy race. Hope you get back into that running groove soon

  • Calleigh Keibler - TheForkBite

    That’s a great motivation, keep them up, and you’ll be back on track before you know it. I used to keep up some fitness routine and felt stronger and healthier but sometimes life got crazy and my routines screeched to a halt and working my way back up seems impossible.

  • Brigette Collins

    We all have those times where we fall off the wagon, but getting back up to do it again takes guts. Good luck on the half marathon next year! I look forward to seeing your progress 🙂

  • jin

    Good luck on the fitness endeavours! I know it’s hard to just start and sticking with a plan, but I think you’re on the right path. It’s really all about finding what works for you and what you enjoy doing.

  • Josselyn Radillo

    i been on and off my dance classes too and now I feel so floated. And I understand you because I work full time and I also study so is hard but def you have a great plan. I’m starting to do more cardio to loose more weight

  • Stephanie Jeannot

    You can do it. Every 5k runner was once a beginner and had to meet challenges before they were able to get to the finish line. Hope that you accomplish your goal. Perhaps I will see you running at the NYC Marathon and will root you on from the sidelines. I usually sing at the event every year.

  • Natalie

    Moving forward is thw way to go. I have had huge imact lately when comes to excerise so needed a blog like this to kick me back into touch. I might even sign up for a race for life

  • Neha kulshrestha

    Great!! All the best with your plans.. Now that you are determined you’ll achieve it…
    I also lack routine…am on and off for exercise/ walk. Guess i also need to make a plan..

  • Joline

    Getting started is always the hardest. I’m sure you can do it! All the best for your new plan. Looking forward to your updates.

  • Alicia Trautwein

    Without failure, we would never know success 🙂 Everyone falls off the wagon every now and then, but the important part is getting back up and pushing forward. You’ve got this! Good luck on the half marathon next year!

  • Ana

    It takes time to maintain a routine. The most important thing is that we try and move forward which obviously you are doing here which I think is great! GOOD LUCK X

  • Yukti

    Move more and more though sometimes less is really worth. Keep moving should be our attitude for keeping us healthy and keeping us working more.

  • Samantha

    I fell out of my routine a couple months ago & even though I’ve worked our semi-regularly, it hasn’t been as much as it had been, I’m having a hard time making myself do it (I’d rather just sleep in). I got tired of doing the treadmill & have been switching between 2 workout DVDs. I’m not a gym person & since I work from home, it’s easier (and more budget friendly) for me to exercise & shower before work. I think it’s a good idea to start over & work your way back up. Don’t best yourself up if you fall behind or miss some workouts. The important thing is that you keep at it.

  • Joanna

    My gym is starting a couch to 5K program very soon and I was debating if I should join it or not. I am not a good jogger, I can’t even run for the bus but I am willing to give it a try.

  • Aditi

    I’m so glad that you decided to go the only way – forward. I’m always lacking the willpower to stick to my plan, even if I get regular something will happen (I’ll fall sick or some other routine change) and then it will be impossible to get back.


    I stopped running and going to the gym for 3 months and I can see a change. A bad one, I am so nervous all the time. Starting with a 5K is a great idea ! For me too. Good luck.

  • Luci

    There are times when it hard for me to get up and try to get in steps for the day then there are days when I can’t even stay sitting. Good luck.

  • Ellie

    I terrible at running, I get so out of breath everyone assumes I have asthma when i don’t. I try to do yoga and Pilates to keep my flexibility and fitness levels up. Moving at all on a daily basis is the best thing you can do.

  • Elena

    It looks like you are motivated, so your plan will work to get into running. I lack the motivation to run or do any kind of exercise and I know that it is really bad for my health.

  • Jennifer L

    I completely feel you on the willpower dilemma. I seriously need to start a workout schedule and really get down to it, making sure to switch different types of workout so I dont get bored and stick to it.

  • Ali Rost

    I’m really excited to follow along with your story! The hardest part, for me, has always been getting into a routine and making exercise non-negotiable in my day. Once I’m able to do that, the rest is a piece of cake (so to speak!) x

  • Anna

    I can totally relate to your post as i am going through that myself. But also, I admire you know what to do next to get to where you want to go. Keep doing that girl, I know you will smash that 21 KM. x

  • Shawna

    Definitely don’t beat yourself over this. No is perfect and we all have times that we fall off. The important thing is that you find your willpower and motivation to get back to where you want to be. I wish you luck!

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