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2017 Winter Project Pan Roulette Finale

January 3, 2018

This post has been lying in my drafts for so long, it’s actually quite terrible. Summer is almost over and I’m only updating everyone now on the results of the Winter Project Pan. Click here for the original post and to see how the items, originally looked. I have taken the photos of the products at the end of the challenge, so the amount of end product remaining is accurate. It’s just the written content that I failed to do on time.

My 2017 Winter Project Pan Roulette Finale

A blush

Wet ‘n Wild Mellow Wine

To be honest, I never expected to finish a blush, so it is no surprise that I didn’t finish this one. However, since the end of the challenge, the pan showing on this baby has doubled. It’s a buildable blush that goes well with my skin colour. The colour is quite intense so to apply I dip the brush in the product, wipe the excess off on my wrist and then apply to the apples of my cheeks. Then I take a clean blush or face brush and blend the blush. This creates a subtle and natural look. I’ve had this blush for some time now, so I really do need to use it up.

A product in a palette

Essence All I Need Colour Correcting palette – light beige

I was quite surprised by the fact that I did not finish this concealer. It already had pan on it and used it as an eyeshadow primer every time I use makeup. I will most likely throw this palette out soon. Cream products tend to go off faster than others and I feel like this palette is beginning to look unclean.

An item that was a gift

Elizabeth Arden eyeliner in Smokey Black

This black eyeliner is another item that I have made a lot of progress on since finishing this challenge. For the challenge, I used less than a quarter of the pencil, but since then only about 2 thirds are left. I’ll continue using this pencil, as it is soft and easy to apply and would consider repurchasing it.

An item with beautiful packaging

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lipstick in Rouge

This Elizabeth Arden lipstick is sadly still not finished. What caused me to not use it as often as I hoped is that the lipstick tends to move and smear off over my face. Especially when eating. This is of course not a good look, especially not with such a bold colour. In all, I managed to use less than 5mm on this tube. I still love the shade and hope to finish it by winter 2018.

A lip item

Essence lip pencil in Femme Fatale

Seeing that I didn’t make much headway with the red lipstick, it should be no surprise that I did not finish this liner. This challenge has made me realise that I do not like this lip liner. It’s hard, difficult to put on and made my lips feel very dry. In all honesty, once I finish this lip pencil I doubt I would buy it again. I would, however, try some of Essence other lip pencils, just to see if it the other colours or ranges are better.

A drugstore item

Wet ‘n Wild matte lipstick in Bare it All

As expected, this item was finished quickly. The finish of this lipstick is smooth and matte. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to set, but once it does, it’s nearly unmovable. This lipstick is good value for money and once I get my make up collection to a more manageable size, I would definitely buy it again.

Something Fun

Essence Merry Berry Hair Fragrance

This hair fragrance was such a delight to finish, I wish I had another bottle. It had a soft vanilla scent and is great for freshening up your hair after a braai or gym. It is however not a dry shampoo so it does not remove oiliness.

An item in a colour you don’t normally wear

Catrice Petrol keeps me running

I kind of cheated with this eyeshadow. If I used it more than twice, it would be a lot. Even though the colour is gorgeous in the pan and the formula is smooth and easy to apply, it’s just too bright for me. I could not get this colour to work for me, so I decluttered it. It was on sale when I bought it and I think I only paid R20 for it.

An item of your choice

Colour Pop Bill Eyeshadow

When I put this eyeshadow in the challenge I probably used it twice, MAX. But since I’ve started the challenge I had made a significant dip in it (it is showing pan) and it’s showing an even bigger pan than before. I think from not using the shadow it had a bit of hard pan, after a few uses I broke through the top layer and it became alot easier to apply.

Something you’ve already hit pan on

Colour Pop highlighter in Wisp

I am so glad that I did not finish this item, although I think it would have been possible. I love this highlighter so much, the only downfall is that I have to use my finger to apply and blend it out. I’ve ended up giving away the extra highlighter in the Coffee at Little Angels giveaway, but I would buy another in a heartbeat!

The image below is a bit blue, but it shows the progress I made on some of the products (the ones that I could track on paper).

Final thoughts on this winter project pan roulette

And that’s all folks. Although I didn’t achieve the 50% completion that I set out for in this winter project pan roulette, I am quite happy with the outcome. It has shown me which products I enjoyed, and I learnt which products I did not enjoy. Moreover, it’s helping me get value for money on the makeup I’ve purchased as I am actually using them, instead of having the items just sit on my dresser and look pretty. I’m considering doing another project pan or pan that palette but would prefer vlogging it.

Have you participated in a project pan before? Let me know your thoughts about this challenge in the comments below.

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