3 tips on being less self-conscious to overcome intimidation at the gym

We’re all into the new year, new me gig (well most of us at least). So naturally, in the month of January, my gym is fuller and busier than usual. Which I think is fantastic as people are working on their health and body goals. Some people might feel intimidated at the gym, actually I often still do. Mostly because I feel self-conscious at the gym. So here are a few tips that I use to be less self-conscious at the gym.

Join a group class

Group classes are fun, especially for people who don’t know what they’re doing (read me). Also, they’re generally really tough and if you’re feeling self-conscious, nobody will notice you because they’re all dying from the intense workout. You’ll feel great afterwards, well at least I always do. The classes I enjoy the most at Virgin Active are shape, Pound and spin.

Visit the gym at a quieter time

At my gym peak is generally before 8AM and from 4PM till about 6PM. Midday and late night, it’s rather empty, especially in the winter months. If I go to the gym on a Saturday I almost always do weight training. This is because I’m super self-conscious about doing weights, but because the gym is almost empty on weekends, I feel more comfortable.

Get a personal trainer

I used the services of a personal trainer in my preparation for the Two Oceans Half Marathon last year, and if my finances allowed, I would sign up again in a heartbeat. In my experience, personal trainers push you so hard, you can’t think about being intimidated by anyone else in the gym. Plus they show you how to use the machines and how to correctly execute exercises. Unfortunately, their services do not come cheap.

Aaptiv, a nifty app that combines playlists with trainer lead fitness instruction (think having a personal trainer in your phone while listening to cool songs), shared these useful tips on how to overcome some of the common causes of gym intimidation.

The app is pretty cool and is available on the App Store and Play Store. This post is not sponsored, however I have used a 30 day trial from Aaptiv.

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