South Africa’s most romantic cities (for single people)

A post on South Africa’s most romantic cities is probably not a post that you’d expect to read from a single blogger. Here’s the deal, you don’t have to be in love with someone else to be romantic (you could also be in love with life or yourself). One of the many meanings of being romantic is to have an idealised view of life.

Here are South Africa’s most romantic cities as decided by me and some of the romantic spots for you to visit.

Port Elizabeth

Surely you’d expect me to put the ever so lovely and beautiful Port Elizabeth on this list.

St George’s Park

As I grow my photography portfolio, I fall more and more in love with St George’s park. I almost always choose it when I can. But I digress, my favourite part of St George’s park is the Pearson Conservatory. With its old world charm, it is easily one of the most beautiful places in Port Elizabeth.

It’s probably not the safest to go to on your own. Unless of course, you stick to well-lit walkways or stay in one of the busy areas during daytime. What’s romantic about it, well one sunny Sunday take a walk in the park. Surrounded by beautiful shrubbery, trees and lush landscape (well it was lush before the drought, and even though it’s not as green as it used to be, it’s still beautiful).

Pollok Beach parking lot

Initially, I was hesitant to share this beach parking lot. No dirty thoughts now. Back when I was at university I used to occasionally come here to be on my own. Back then Something Good was still closed and run down, and the parking lot was for the most part empty with the exception of a few misfits and dodgy blokes. The beach at the parking lot was and still is, a moody beauty. At the start of the beach is a beautiful rock formation, which contained a blowhole. For the most part, I stayed in my car or stayed close to the entrance of the beach. But I enjoyed visiting this beach to be alone but surrounded by beauty. I had such a feeling of contentedness when I used to visit it back in my varsity days. These days its safe to visit, thanks to Something Good reopening the parking lot is always full, so it no longer has that feeling of serenity, but the views are still just as beautiful. Also, Something Good makes some of the best coffee, gelato and milkshakes (it’s one of my all-time favourite restaurants).

Cape Town

Cape Town is one of my favourite cities in South Africa. At one point in my life, I even wanted to move there. In my opinion, PE is similar to the Mother City, with the exception of it being smaller, with less traffic and parking (and the average person can afford to buy a house over here). These days I prefer it as a holiday destination, nevertheless I am always on the lookout for Cheap flights to Cape Town. One of my regular sites to check out for them is Travelstart.

Here are my picks on some of the most romantic spots in Cape Town, which puts it on the list as one of South Africa’s most romantic cities for me.

The Lindt shop at the V&A Waterfront

I remember the first (and only) time I went to the Lindt shop at the V&A. It was much like walking into a dream, a sweet dream filled with decadent Swiss chocolate. Eating your body weight in chocolate, which is simultaneously the best and worst thing about it. Nevertheless while wandering around this chocolate shop, I was hopelessly in love, with life. I bought so much chocolate this day guys (mostly as gifts) and the super friendly sales assistant gave us heaps of free tasters. My best friend also got to create his own slab (side note, if you do have a partner and don’t know what to get them for a gift, take them here).

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Kirstenbosch is quite something else. I’ve been to the gardens twice and would love to go again. There’s just a sense of serenity and beauty that puts me in awe of the place. Yes it’s great for picnics with loved ones and all that jazz. But have you sat down on a patch of grass, alone and been so inspired by the beauty of nature. The views, combined with the whistling of birds and rattling of leaves in the wind, put me at peace. With myself, and with my Creator.  If you are in Cape Town for one day and can only visit one place. Forget Table Mountain, forget the winelands, visit these gardens. It is arguably the most romantic place i have visited in the Mother City.

I’ve only selected two cities, but there are many other romantic and beautiful towns in South Africa. What are South Africa’s most romantic cities according to you? Let me know in the comments below.

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