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Speaking to myself at the gym

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that this 2018 I’ve been attempting a weight loss journey. As with most people who have fitness/health/weight loss as one of their new year’s resolutions, January went fantastic. After that my journey kind of went downhill from there (the journey, not the weight, unfortunately). In the month of January, I lost 8.8kg. February when I began to struggle, and binge-eat carbs, I lost 2.1kg. March I lost control completely and gained all that I lost in Feb. Currently, my weight loss is hovering around 7kgs lost and honestly, I can’t let myself gain all of it back.

I started off my weight loss journey with banting. The great thing about cutting out carbs and sugar is that you drop the weight quickly. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sustain it. Firstly because you’re cutting out all processed foods, every meal needs to be prepared from scratch. Which meant so much cutting, chopping and peeling and a sink full of dishes for one meal. Then I started meal prepping, but unless I prepped multiple meals at once I found that 3 to 4 days into the week I’d be bored with my meals. And nothing good ever comes out of a combination of boredom and hunger. I’ve also come to realise that another reason why I realised I couldn’t sustain it, and probably the biggest reason why. There’s a strong possibility that I am an emotional eater. When I’m ticked off at someone, overwhelmed, stressed out, or upset or sad for any reason, carbs become bae. I just need to remind myself, when I’m binge-eating carbs, I’m cheating on my potential to be the next Beyonce đŸ˜‰

Last week I’ve worked out twice, on Monday and Wednesday. And on both days, I really struggled. One of the workouts I enjoy doing is Fitness Girl ZA’s Plyometric Pyramid treadmill workout. The workout provides the gradients for the workout, but the speed is up to you. I normally walk at a speed between 5 and 5.3, which is a challenge but a doable challenge. On Monday I did the workout on 5, and my pelvis hurt so much while doing it, that instead of doing the whole 45 minutes, I only did 30 and went into the studio to do some strength training and ab work. On Wednesday I also went to gym, I didn’t feel like doing the treadmill and decided to join the spin class and I struggled so much. Normally I find spin classes really enjoyable, but I suffered.

In order to finish the class I kept telling myself, exercise is not a punishment for my body, bit a reward. And honestly, if it were not for that mantra I would have probably gotten off the bike halfway through the class. The only reason why I kept repeating this mantra is because I read somewhere, negative thoughts cannot create a positive live. And you know what, telling myself that exercise is not a punishment for my body, but a reward helped! It didn’t help the cramp I kept getting in my left foot, but it helped me mentally, else I would have walked out of that class. Just kidding I would never. I was near the front and giving up and walking out in front of everyone would be too embarrassing.

Hopefully, this will be a better week for me. But let’s all just remember to tell ourselves nice things about ourselves.

Love and light,


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