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Off to the races and changing paces

Jun 20, 2018

Let me let you in on a secret. I”m really, really indecisive. Okay, maybe it’s not that much of a secret. But if you give me more than three options to pick from, it’s going to take a while. I had the urge to rebrand for a long time, I never really acted on it. That was until last year’s #ECMeetup where branding and blogging expert Mandy-Lee Miller shared some gems about branding our blog’s and I learnt some important blogging lessons. I really wanted the new site to be done before this year’s #ECMeetup took place, so that I could officially launch it. Unfortunately, when 02 June rolled by, I was in the midst of exams, with no time to do the final tweaks.

Nevertheless, I went as Totally Confident & Completely Insecure as I didn’t want to create confusion. This year’s #ECMeetup was held at the Fairview Race Course, which is the city’s only horse racing course. Before the meetup, I have never been to the venue. Extremely shameful, I know and it is stunning. I should totally visit the race course when there’s a race on so that I can dress up in a pretty dress, pantyhose and a fascinator, whilst pretending to be an aristocrat or royal (thanks Meghan Markle). And if you”re keen on experiencing the savoir faire of the races in this beautiful city, you can too by booking flights to Port Elizabeth.

The buffet high tea, which was catered by Petronella Fine Dining and Catering, was a perfect fit for a day at the racecourse. There was this pate pastry that literally melted in my mouth. Let me not get started on the truffles that I did not take photographs of as I was too busy gorging myself on them (very unladylike I know, but if you tasted them you’d understand).

The main speakers of the day were Megan Kelly from By Megan Kelly and Kirsten Litsen and Lyle Scritten from Travelstart. Megan discussed brands, while Kirsten and Lyle spoke shared their expertise on affiliate and influencer marketing. The event really displayed the awesomeness of Port Elizabeth. Yes, there were national sponsors, but there were so many local brands, wanting to connect and build relationships. The Herald, Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and Mastertons Coffee are a few of the long-standing local brands that were sponsors. And of course, there was NutriStart, Geekworld, Bohemia Yoga and Ootrey.

Prior to the meetup I had emailed Ootrey to fulfil my prescription glasses, and I tried on a few pairs of their sunglasses. I loved this Ivy pair so much that I ended up purchasing it. The meet up ended with an #ECMeetup tradition, the organisers Luchae and Eleanor handing out prizes to nearly (if not) everybody. And they gave us goodie bags that they gave packed to the brim with items from sponsors.

Travelstart also had a competition gave out flights to one lucky winner. I was not that lucky winner. Sometimes I can’t believe that even after purchasing my ticket, I almost didn’t attend the first #ECMeetup. But I”m glad I went to it, and every meetup thereafter. So you can be sure to find me at the next one. By the way, keep an eye out for some giveaways and reviews on the blog. This post was created in collaboration with Travelstart. All views and photos are my own.tos are my own.’,

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