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Uitenhage Coffee Shop Review: An afternoon at Agape

Sep 21, 2018

When it comes to Uitenhage and having to describe the town and what I think. The motor industry first comes to mind and then, of course, coffee shops. The town has a number of cute and quaint coffee shops. Earlier this year a new Uitenhage coffee shop, opened for business and brought a fresh take to the area. The brainchild of Gerald and Sherri-Ann and Pieterson, Agape coffee shop is the new kid on the block, but already has so much to offer.

The name Agape is a Christian reference, meaning or referring to the highest form of love. Agape is based on Christian principles and a glance at their Facebook page shows that the business is actively involved in the local community.  This Uitenhage coffee shop is situated at 32 Caledon Street making it centrally located in the town. There is on-street parking in front and at the side of the shop. On weekdays is it open from 6 am till 10 pm, from 7 am to 11 pm. on Saturdays and from midday to 9 pm on Sundays. They also host music evenings as well as family-friendly and fun events such as music evenings, poetry sessions and open mic nights.

A few weeks back my friend, Eleanor, from JustEllaBella, and I paid Agape a visit. Eleanor, a Uitenhage local and freelancer often frequents the coffee shop and blogged about it and chatted about it a number of times. She goes so often that the staff know her, so I was happy to experience Agape with a regular. She and Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain even hosted their last Purge Party at the coffee shop. They also have a venue that can be rented for birthdays and other functions.

The coffee shop is spacious and is decorated artistically. The decor and furniture bring an element of warmth to the coffee shop. They have wall art at their fireplace and a stunning light fixture made from painted enamel cups. I’ve actually made the photograph of the light fixture the lock screen on my phone. With regards to the seating layout, we could take our pick of couches a booth, or regular seats that one would find in a restaurant coffee shop. They also have a selection of board games for patrons to enjoy. Eleanor and I chose one of the regular tables but first took a bunch of photos in the shop. When we arrived there were a few people in the coffee shop, however, in the hour or so that we spent there it became busy quite quickly and was filling up by the time we left.

What’s on the menu at this Uitenhage Coffee Shop?

Now let’s get to business, the real reason why you”re reading this post. What Agape offers to eat and drink. The menu is quite vast, it contains breakfast options and light meals to burgers and sweet treats. What’s great about the light meal options is that you can choose a filling and decide whether to have it in a wrap, a toasted sandwich or tramezzini. Filling options include curried mince, tuna mayo and spinach, mushroom and feta. When it comes to sides you can choose a portion of chips or salad. I went for the latter with a butter chicken wrap (R45). It was delicious.

Although I didn’t drink their coffee, you can’t go wrong with it. I know this because this Uitenhage coffee shop serves Mastertons, and Mastertons makes amazing coffee. You can’t go wrong with them. In the mood to try something new, I decided on a fruit shake (R30). Its taste reminds me of sweets from my childhood, I just can’t recall their name.

Eleanor enjoyed a latte (R26) and beef burger (R65), which looked amazingly tasty. As you can tell, their prices are pretty affordable, especially considering the size of the meals. Agape also has WiFi, which according to Elle, is super fast (she often works from the shop). Elle and I spoke way too much for me to look at my phone, let alone set up the WiFi to test it out. I work a few kilometres outside Uitenhage so I’m looking forward to visiting Agape again with my family, as I”m sure they will enjoy it.

Our meals were provided, but as always opinions are my own. Prices are correct at the time the blog post was published.

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