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easy DIY Avocado Mask
DIY Beauty

How to make a super easy DIY Avocado Mask

Have you seen the cost of avocados these days? With the drought and inflation, the costs of avocado are getting so high, soon only the rich will be able to afford them. Which is why when I do have one, nothing can go to…

May 4, 2017
How to remove hair dye from your skin
DIY Beauty

How to remove hair dye from your skin

Having freshly dyed hair with vibrant colour is great. Having dye stains on your skin is not. If you’ve every dyed your hair at home, chances are you’d have experienced stained skin before. In this post, I show you how to remove hair dye…

August 24, 2015
apply henna on your hair
DIY Beauty

How to apply henna on your hair

When it comes to extensions, Indian hair is often one of the most sought after. Although genetics and diet play a large role to gorgeous and healthy locks, some Indian traditions play an important part in maintaining their healthy hair. One of these traditions…

July 22, 2013
Olive oil hair treatment
DIY Beauty

An olive oil hair treatment

Olive oils is more than just a healthy food option. Have you ever thought of using it on your hair? Olive oil is a great product to use on your hair. This Olive oil hair treatment will protect your hair from damage and dryness due to…

June 28, 2013
DIY Beauty

Homemade Apple Face Mask

Face masks need not be expensive. You can easily create your own at home for next to nothing. This homemade apple face mask is one of my favourites. The best part is that made from only two ingredients: applesauce and wheat germ. These ingredients are…

June 30, 2011